Pre-Owned Richard Mille Dizzy Hands RM63-01


Released in 2015, this Dizzy Hands boasts a dial that diverges from convention, featuring rotating discs adorned with traditional hour markers. Complementing this unique design, the movement of the hands is unconventional, with three discs independently rotating to indicate the hour and minute. This feature is a unique mechanism that allows the dial to rotate, blurring the lines between timekeeping and art. Crafted from lightweight yet robust materials like titanium and rose gold, the RM63-01 embodies Richard Mille’s commitment to both innovation and durability.
Beyond its captivating aesthetics, the RM63-01 is a high-performance timepiece. Its automatic movement ensures precise timekeeping, while the power reserve of approximately 50 hours guarantees reliable functionality over extended periods. With water resistance up to 30 meters and a sleek, ergonomic case design, this watch seamlessly blends form and function. Limited in production, the RM63-01’s exclusivity, avant-garde design, and meticulous craftsmanship render it a coveted piece among collectors and enthusiasts, solidifying its status as an icon of modern luxury watchmaking.

This timepiece comes with original box and papers dated 2016.

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Timepiece Brand

Richard Mille


Rose Gold, Titanium

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