Diamond Certificates


In order to verify the many different characteristics of a diamond, a diamond dossier or Diamond Certificate is provided with each diamond. There are many different companies that will provide a diamond certificate, but the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is regarded as the most trusted source.

A GIA Certificate produces a document that lists all of the diamond’s many characteristics based on the rating system they developed for diamonds. Each diamond is rated by a large team of gemologists to determine the many characteristics using their trained eyes, a microscope, a jeweler’s loupe and other tools to complete the grading process. The GIA developed what is now the industry standard for diamond grading and identification.


A GIA Certificate will include the following details on each diamond:

  • Diamond’s Shape & Cutting Style (i.e. Round Brilliant)
  • Measurements / Dimensions (in millimeters)
  • Diamond’s Carat Weight
  • Diamond’s Clarity: This is determined under 10x magnification of a microscope.
  • Diamond’s Cut Grade: A diamond’s cut grade is determined by the quality & craftsmanship behind the cut, its design and its appearance as you look down onto the table.
    • Finish: Quality of a diamond’s surface and facet positioning
    • Polish: A representation of the quality of smoothness on the diamond’s surface.
    • Symmetry: A comparison of a diamond’s alignment and placement according to its shape related to each facet.
  • Diamond’s Color Grade: Diamonds of similar color are placed alongside each diamond to determine how little color each stone has.
  • Fluorescence: Under UV light, some diamonds will fluoresce – the higher the color and strength under UV light, the higher the level of fluorescence.
  • Clarity Plot: Essentially, this serves as a map of the diamond’s inclusions – however few or small they may be.
Diamond Certificates
  • Comments: A list of additional details related to the diamond.
  • Proportion Diagram: Mapping of the diamonds dimensions on the following basis:
    • Depth or height of the gemstone from culet to table.
    • The table or largest facet of the diamond located on the stone’s top.
    • The thickness of the girdle.
    • The appearance of the culet facet.


Diamond Certificates


With white diamonds, the color is graded based on how little color a diamond exudes to the viewer. Diamond’s of similar color are placed alongside each other for comparison to determine an official color grade.

Diamond Certificates


When balancing the many characteristics diamonds have in picking the perfect stone for your bride to be, the quality of cut is a diamond’s most important attribute.

Diamond Certificates


Diamond Clarity is a way to measure the level of tiny imperfections that exist within almost all diamonds except the very finest.

Diamond Certificates


While one initially views a diamond’s size by looking at the stone and how big the table or flat top portion of it appears, a diamond’s size is measured in weight. Carats are a unit that specifically refer to the weight of a diamond.