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The Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre à Sphérotourbillon

By de Boulle on July 16th, 2012

One of deBoulle Diamond & Jewelry’s most sought after brands of fine timepieces is Jaeger-LeCoultre. Jaeger-LeCoultre has continued to advance and improve their products since their inception.
“After 10 years of non-stop innovation in the world of the tourbillion, what is there still left to invent? Which new additional functions could further complete the tourbillon of the future? Jaeger-LeCoultre presents the new Duomètre à Sphérotourbillon, the first watch with a multi-axis tourbillon to give an accuracy that will display the time with extreme precision, thanks to a small seconds hand equipped with a flying set return which enables the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch to be adjusted to a precise instance of time. The Duomètre à Sphérotourbillon is today an authentic revolution in the field of Grande Complication models, stemming from almost 180 years of history and invention unique to Jaeger-LeCoultre.”

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