The Eden Shooting Club

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I am delighted to introduce you to The Eden Shooting Club, further information for which can be accessed by clicking on the image above or by clicking on the link below.

The Eden Shooting Club is an amazing international private sporting club serving a very special niche, focusing solely on the highest echelons in the shooting world (see The Eden Shooting Club). The Club was developed in association with Holland & Holland one of the world’s finest gun makers, crafting three special dimensions for its membership:

  • Access to Scotland’s most luxurious estate in St Andrews, Fife (Pittormie Castle) providing entre to the very finest estates all over Scotland (see Shooting in Scotland)
  • A magical schedule of national and international events staged at the world’s finest private clubs and privately owned estates
  • Use of the clubs own Concierge Service which provides access to private plantations, estates and the finest outdoor experiences while crafting bespoke trips for members and their guests to world class venues wherever they wish to travel.
  • The Club is strictly by-invitation as the Patrons, Founder Members and general membership come from icons of industry, distinguished private investors / family offices and some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and C-level executives, along with some royal families and past Presidents.

    With such an amazing group of people, via the Concierge Service, members play an essential role in affording other members the opportunity to access their own private ranches, plantations and shooting estates all over the world to enjoy shooting experiences which previously have not been available to outsiders. Participation ensures that everyone contributes to and benefits from a unique ‘peer to peer’ network which as most members will attest is one of the most valuable aspects of membership!

    The club is designed to enhance the member’s hunting schedules, enabling participants to share some of the very finest hunting experiences with their own friends and family plus an extremely attractive group of like-minded individuals they may otherwise not get the opportunity to meet. It also acts a wonderful hedge just in case weather or other forces impact your own existing hunts.

    The Club has evolved below the radar strictly via introduction. It is unique among other shooting clubs as it is designed to promote and share a way a similar group of enthusiasts now live their lives.

    I look forward to welcoming you on the 19th and introducing Tom Lawrence.

    Kind regards,

    Jeff Bartley