The Buccellati name has stood for fine jewelry and silver since the mid-eighteenth century, when Contardo Buccellati first opened his store in Milan, Italy. In 1919, Mario Buccellati officially started the present House when he took over the business of his relatives where he began as an apprentice before World War I. Since its beginning, the “Buccellati Style” has won the favor of a discriminating clientele, including the royal houses of Italy, Spain, Belgium, Egypt and even the Vatican. The Buccellati business flourished under Mario’s leadership and he added stores in Rome, Florence, New York and Palm Beach. Upon Mario’s death in 1965, his four oldest sons, including Gianmaria and Luca took over the business. In 1969, the brothers went their separate ways and Gianmaria took over the studio and the production of jewelry and silver, and Luca the New York operation. In the early 1970’s, these two brothers launched the Buccellati name on a larger international scale, opening stores across Europe, Asia and the United States. Today, Buccellati is still a family owned and managed company led by Gianmaria with his three children and wife involved too. The collections are made in small workshops by highly-skilled artisans considered to be the best in Italy.
The Buccellati collections of men’s and women’s watches have a very classic and distinctive style with extreme attention to detail that is characteristic of Renaissance art. Each beautifully ornate Buccellati watch is totally made and assembled by hand with meticulous hand engraving. Some styles feature pave faces with white or colored diamonds, sapphires, rubies and pink sapphires. The case is gold, as are the crown, the face and hands. Buccellati’s watch collection – Eliochron, Oktachron, Agalmachron, Anthochron, Venuschron, Audachron, Siriochron, Androchron and Arischron – all feature Swiss movements, either automatic or quartz. The Buccellati timepiece collection is elegant and distinctive – all due to unique design, superb craftsmanship and the finest materials.